[X2Go-User] x2go Rocks! - just think of next steps...

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Thu Mar 29 19:16:32 CEST 2012

nigra... now that you have x2go working.   Here is something else to add to
the mix.

you want a "cloud" desktop but it has to support linux & windows.

in the cloud (I use aws's ec2) create a linux desktop server.  (I use
I create an ubuntu server instance on AWS's EC2 cloud by:
- ssh into the instance
- install a default ubuntu desktop (apt-get install ubuntu-desktop)
- add the x2go ppa
  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:x2go/stable
- refresh the repository cache (debian/ubuntu)
  sudo apt-get update
- install x2go server
   sudo apt-get install x2goserver
- add yourself to the x2gouser group
  sudo adduser <yourID> x2gouser

after that ... you should be able to go back to your local machine and
start your x2goclient and point it to your AWS EC2 cloud PUBLIC IP address
and get to logged-in.

BUT... what if you want Windows apps too..

On the "cloud" x2goserver think about setting up FreeRDP

In whatever "cloud" you use... start a Windows 2008 v2 server.

   - On that Windows server as Admin ...
   - install and setup whatever RemoteApp applications you want
   - and publish them <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nf20-76dMcg>.

(demo'd at UDS in Orlando http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qnh7f36xkRA  and
I've done it locally myself to aws servers)

Back on your Linux/Ubuntu machine use FreeRDP to execute the Windows
"RemoteApp" application.

Big picture...

   - you are on a remote pc/laptop/tablet etc running an x2goclient
   - you connect to your "cloud" x2goserver machine and login
   - your login has a menu or some desktop icons that when clicked
   - uses FreeRDP to execute the Windows Apps off of the Windows "cloud"
   server as just another xwindow.
   - That uses the RDP protocal.   But since its all "intra-cloud" between
   instances (the windows cloud instance and the linux/ubuntu cloud instance)
   - the I/O is very high bandwidth (on AWS it would be 1-10Gbps) links.
   - Now since you (the x2go client) are remotely connected to the "cloud"
   linux/ubuntu server and utilizing the great compression of x2go/nx
   - the remote windows & linux apps "appear" to have the same good

Lastly, because freerdp lets the windows apps appear as just "any other"
linux app the end user only has one "look-and-feel" etc to deal with which
can be a big issue in end-user training and acceptance with just a single
desktop & user interface.


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I just wanted to say thank you for the great thing that X2Go has become. I
use it on a daily basis on several systems and could not think how I would
work anymore without it. It provides a functionality that I have looked for
so many years, but could never find. I always thought that a Linux server
would be perfect to be used as a terminal server, but was always amazed and
confused at the total lack of any application that provided this
functionality. Then, Windows RDP came along and I did not understand how
Linux with X and that network-ability of it failed to provide something
And finally, we got it! I hope that X2Go will find it's way into all Linux
Distros. I wish there was a CentOS and RedHat package so I could load it
onto each customers machine that I have to support, instead of having to
use sucky VNC or putty or be limited to using a remote shell, instead of
the rich GUI experience that KDE and Gnome can offer.

In spreading the word, I wrote a blog about my great experience and what
X2Go can do.


Thanks again for all the hard work in making X2Go a reality, you guys rock!

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