[x2go-i18n] call for translation: x2goclient, pyhoca-gui

Stefan Baur newsgroups.mail2 at stefanbaur.de
Wed Apr 11 11:16:29 CEST 2012

Am 10.04.2012 21:51, schrieb Mike Gabriel:

> I handle the PyHoca-GUI de translation myself. I would be happy if you
> could take over x2goclient and other Qt based subprojects in X2Go Git
> (only on calls for translations that get posted on this x2go-i18n
> mailing list).

I can't promise that I'll always be available as a translator, but I 
will try to help out whenever time permits.

> PyHoca-GUI / poedit: Yes, strings that need an update are printed in
> bold font variant. Strings may either be untranslated or ,,fuzzy''
> (means: inaccurate, because the original string has changed in the code).

I know I should focus on linguist-qt4, but out of sheer curiousity, is 
there a way to take a look at the previous original string?  These four 
strings marked in bold looked like a proper translation, so I'm 
wondering what triggered their "fuzzy" state.

> x2goclient / linguist: in linguist-qt4 strings that need work are marked
> by a question mark.

I figured that out, once linguist-qt4 became available on fylgia, but 
what about the checkmarks that are yellow instead of green?  I tried 
updating translations there, but they wouldn't change to green, unlike 
the question marks that turn into green checkmarks.

>> 3) What should be done if the English message is odd and needs to be
>> fixed/updated? I'm assuming that any attempt to fix it in the "de"
>> file will cause massive breakage either with the German translation or
>> with all translations.
>> 5) Same as 3), but for x2goclient rather than pyhoca-based clients.
> For x2goclient, leave that to the English translator. That is: the
> English translator translates Alex Russion-English (which is great!!!)
> into Oxford-English (which then will be perfect!!!).

Well, as it seems, that English translator will be me, at least 
until/unless we have a native speaker willing to take over.  So, again, 
what should I do?


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