[x2go-i18n] call for translation: x2goclient, pyhoca-gui

Mike Gabriel mike.gabriel at das-netzwerkteam.de
Tue Apr 10 21:51:42 CEST 2012

Hi Stefan,

On Di 10 Apr 2012 12:24:35 CEST Stefan Baur wrote:

> Am 06.04.2012 13:03, schrieb Mike Gabriel:
>> /usr/bin/poedit
> I believe I managed to configure poedit and load the "de"  
> translation file for pyhoca-gui, but it seems like there already is  
> a translation for everything.

I handle the PyHoca-GUI de translation myself. I would be happy if you  
could take over x2goclient and other Qt based subprojects in X2Go Git  
(only on calls for translations that get posted on this x2go-i18n  
mailing list).

> So, I have a few usage questions:
> 1) Is there a way to find out which strings are in need of an  
> updated/new translation? (IOW, is the "de" file up to date or am I  
> just too stupid to figure out how to find the strings?)

> 4) Same as 1), but for x2goclient rather than pyhoca-based clients.

PyHoca-GUI / poedit: Yes, strings that need an update are printed in  
bold font variant. Strings may either be untranslated or ,,fuzzy''  
(means: inaccurate, because the original string has changed in the  

x2goclient / linguist: in linguist-qt4 strings that need work are  
marked by a question mark.

> 2) Why are the first four strings displayed in bold?

Because they need an update! :-)

> 3) What should be done if the English message is odd and needs to be  
> fixed/updated?  I'm assuming that any attempt to fix it in the "de"  
> file will cause massive breakage either with the German translation  
> or with all translations.

> 5) Same as 3), but for x2goclient rather than pyhoca-based clients.

For x2goclient, leave that to the English translator. That is: the  
English translator translates Alex Russion-English (which is great!!!)  
into Oxford-English (which then will be perfect!!!).

For PyHoca-GUI, please send your ideas / input to me (via x2go-i18n  
ML) and I take your proposal into consideration.

> Note: 4) and 5) are so I don't have to come back asking the same  
> questions as soon as I have "linguist" up and running. ;-)

Please mainly focus on x2goclient (and other Qt parts of X2Go -- later  
-- on request only). Any ideas for PyHoca-GUI are welcome and will be  
implemented by me.



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