[x2go-i18n] call for translation: x2goclient, pyhoca-gui

Oleksandr Shneyder oleksandr.shneyder at obviously-nice.de
Tue Apr 10 10:41:37 CEST 2012

Am 05.04.2012 17:40, schrieb Mike Gabriel:
> Dear translators,
> the next releases of pyhoca-gui and x2goclient shall have i18n strings
> updated as best as possible. Could you please take a look at your
> language translation and send patches?
> @Alex, Arlo: please make sure you are subscribed to x2go-i18n on
> lists.berlios.de. Thanks!
> @Stefan: can you take care of the German translation? Maybe the English,
> as well?
> Thanks,
> Mike

Hi Mike,

I'll provide Russian translation for both x2goclient and pyhoca as soon
as I Can (it's on the top of my TODO-List). But I think, it will be nice
if someone from native speakers can check my English strings.

Oleksandr Shneyder
Dipl. Informatik
X2go Core Developer Team

email:  oleksandr.shneyder at obviously-nice.de
web: www.obviously-nice.de

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