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Mike Gabriel mike.gabriel at das-netzwerkteam.de
Tue Jun 14 13:42:41 CEST 2011

Hi Morty,

On Di 14 Jun 2011 11:20:53 CEST Moritz Struebe wrote:

> Hi Mike,
> at http://wiki.x2go.org/installing_x2go_thin_client_environment_debian

first note: this wiki page is in the middle of a process... ;-)

> you highly recommend to set up a server of it's own. Where is the
> rationale behind this strong recommendation? Especially as I can see no
> major security risks running the server (you need root to set it up, of
> course). At least none you can solve by using an extra server. But there
> is quite a bit of overhead running the whole thing in a VM as it has
> mainly I/O. And if one already has a nfs running, I can really see no
> need for the extra overhead.

The reason why I recommend hosting of chroot images on a separate  
machine (a machine that does nothing else, apart from being a PXE  
server) is that when upgrading the chroot you may encounter service  
restarts during package upgrades that might have an effect on other  
system components.

The strategy has been adopted from a friend of mine who is a Linux  
service provider for schools in Oslo (Debian Edu context). They mostly  
roll out diskless workstations there (i.e. systems with NFS-roots) and  
that originally is their experience.



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