[X2go-dev] new to the list, offering support

Paul van der Vlis paul at vandervlis.nl
Fri Jun 25 22:39:18 CEST 2010

Mike Gabriel schreef:
> Hi there,
> my name is Mike Gabriel and I have recently taken a closer look at x2go.

Welcome to the list ;-)

> I must say, it is a fabulous project/product and as I will probably have
> needs for a SBC/TC environment like x2go I would like to offer support,
> skills and resources:
>   o vhosts for testing (on root servers, available sometime in
>     September/Octobre)
>     this year)
>   o webspace, db-storage, kolab groupware accounts
>   o skills in Perl, Python, PHP
>   o genuine skills in Ubuntu/Debian system administration
>   o genuine skills in communication (at least I hope I have them)
>   o I won't be much help with the x2goclient, but I think I can add
>     great support to the server aspects of x2go...

Sounds nice !

> I live in Kiel, Germany and currently I am working on a SBC/Opensource
> concept for a couple of grammar schools herearound.
> During the testing of x2go I have stumbled over quite some issues that I
> would like to report to the current developer team. As I have found no
> bugtracker with the project, I guess addressing the x2go-dev list will
> be best, won't it?

It's OK.

> I would like to open a single thread per issue (as opposed to stuffing
> all issues into one longish mail). So discussion can wrap around each
> thread individually...
> As I understand a new release of x2go is coming up soon. Thus, I would
> like to avoid reporting deprecated issues/bugs/problems. Are there any
> release candidates, yet? 

The new version is ready, but the packaging is not. I expect the
packaging will be ready very soon.

There is an older release candidate, but it does not work well.

> Or is the git repository already up, so I can
> take a look into the sources?

I see something here: https://git.x2go.org
Not sure it works, I don't have a username/password...

> Let me know how I can support your team!

Heinz can answer this question the best, I think.

I would like a rewritten x2gopgwrapper script what does not mess-up my
auth.log file with sudo-messages.

With regards,
Paul van der Vlis.


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