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Edit Summary: [Querying X2Go-TCE version info] - explaining what the file is good for and when it is created
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  This value can then be compared to the output of <code>curl http(s)://YourUpdateServerIPorDNS/path/to/image/x2go-tce-timestamp</code>
  -> If the number the curl command returns is higher than the one returned by the ssh command, the ThinClient is running an older version of X2Go-TCE and should be marked as requiring an update in whatever monitoring software you use. 
+ -> This feature doesn't really make sense
when you're netbooting, so it is only enabled when an ''updateurl='' boot parameter is present - for local installations and writable portable media, it will help you keep track of update rollout status.
  <note>Note that you will have to provide an SSH public key using the ''pubkey='' boot parameter for this to work.</note>
  ===== Troubleshooting a booted X2Go-TCE image ===== 

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