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    * ''updateurl=rsync|https|http|ftp://your-http-server-ip-or-dns-here/path-to-update-files'' - Will allow you to update an image in the background when using local storage instead of PXE. Download task will start at a randomized interval to avoid unintentional dDOSing of the update server/network infrastructure. The updater will even work when using NTFS for local storage, but only if the //toram// boot option is used. Regardless of NTFS or not, the updater
requires three directories: ''/boot/X2Go-live1, /boot/X2Go-live2, /boot/X2Go-live-download'' **Attention:** Whoever manages to spoof the server name can deploy rogue images to your ThinClients.  Even though it is slower, using an HTTPS web server is the safer way of doing this. Be sure that your web server delivers a last-modified header for all files. 
    * ''updatesleep=nnnnn'' - Will allow you to specify the upper limit (in seconds) of the update timer's randomizer.  Allowed range for upper limit: 240-32767. Will default to 900 if unset or set to an out-of-range value. Lower limit is fixed at 120 seconds.
    * ''bwlimit=nnn'' - Will allow you to specify a bandwidth limit (valid values: 1-100) in percent for the backgrounded update task.
    * ''ntfs-uuid='' - Will be required for updating images stored on NTFS filesystems. Full UUID as shown under /dev/disk/by-uuid/ is preferred, but can work with the volume serial number shown in the output of "vol c:" as well.
+ =====
Querying X2Go-TCE version info ===== 
+ images built using the https://github.com/LinuxHaus/live-build-x2go::feature/openbox repository/branch after 2017-07-27 10:50 UTC will create a file ''/var/run/x2go-timestamps''.
+ A command like <code>ssh -A root at ThinClientIPorDNS 'cat /var/run/x2go-tce-timestamps'</code>
+ will return a result like
+ <code>
+ 1501164001;X2Go-live1;X
+ 1501160716;X2Go-live2;
+ ---- END TIMESTAMPS ----
+ </code>
+ Which you can parse using grep, awk, and/or perl, for example.
+ The first field is the version number, the second field is the name of the instance, the third field, if set, indicates that this is the running instance.
+ "Tell me the version number of the currently running instance" could thus be queried like:
+ <code>ssh -A root at ThinClientIPorDNS 'cat /var/run/x2go-tce-timestamps' | awk -F ';' '$3 == "X" { print $1 }'</code>
+ This value can then be compared to the output of <code>curl
+ -> If the number the curl command returns is higher than the one returned by the ssh command, the ThinClient is running an older version of X2Go-TCE and should be marked as requiring an update in whatever monitoring software you use. 
+ <note>Note that you will have to provide an SSH public key using the ''pubkey='' boot parameter for this to work.</note>
  ===== Troubleshooting a booted X2Go-TCE image ===== 
  ==== You can see the X2Go login screen, but the screen size (resolution) is wrong ====

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