[X2Go-User] can't connect to session

Mihai Moldovan ionic at ionic.de
Sat Jan 13 05:20:53 CET 2018

* On 01/10/2018 04:13 PM, Andrew Munn wrote:
> I'm seeing this situation again. I can see the session in the client as 
> usual by when I click on it nothing happens.  I think someone in another 
> thread mentioned running out of available ports as a possible cause.  Is 
> that right?  What's the solution here?  I want to reconnect to the session 
> without killing my running applications.

Running out of usable ports is possible, but shouldn't happen unless the session
database is not cleaned up properly or there are huge amounts of sessions running.

Does x2golistsessions_root output something reasonable?

I've recently worked on port detection. This probably will not really help if
there are no free ports left, but at least pass back a more or less useful
message to x2go client in such as case.

It's not part of any released code yet, so nothing you would care in the first
place anyway.

Are you positive that session data is still available either in ~user/.x2go or

Note that some systems delete files out of /tmp regularly!


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