[X2Go-User] Few questions with Windows client

Scott Balmos sbalmos at fastmail.fm
Mon Mar 26 22:58:35 CEST 2012

Hi all,

I'm currently running the Windows build client on my work 
laptop to access a KUbuntu 11.10 VM at home running server version I have two questions that have me scratching my head...

1) With the Windows client, when my KDE session starts up, the default 
launcher at the bottom of the session's window is not displayed, as if 
the Windows client is reporting a taller session pixel height than it 
should be. As soon as I perform a session window resize (even dragging 
any window dimension out and back by one pixel) redraws the session into 
the proper window size. This behavior does not seem to happen on the 
Linux x2go client.

2) More interestingly, I have Pulseaudio set to SSH tunnel, for the 
random time where I want audio playing over from my VM. Depending on the 
phase of the moon, I will hear the first tenth of a second of the KDE 
startup music, then nothing. Same with a song played in Amarok. Looking 
into the audio settings, the remote Pulseaudio server seems to drop off 
the valid devices list. I imagine Pulseaudio has lost the connection 
with the remote server on the Windows client. I don't know if it's a 
tunneling issue or not. Obviously everything works perfectly fine if 
there are no firewalls involved (e.g. I have my laptop at home, 
accessing the home VM locally).

Any ideas, or pointers on what to debug where to provide more info? Thanks!


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