[X2Go-User] A couple odds and ends questions

senrabdet at aol.com senrabdet at aol.com
Mon Mar 26 20:43:18 CEST 2012

Hi All:

A couple of odds and ends questions about which we're hoping to get some help/clarification:

1)  Stored Session Data

x2go seems to store a fair amount of session data on both the server and the client in the .x2go folder on both.  While these are not large folders, is there a concern that they will mount up over time?  Are they limited to a specific number of folders and don't grow beyond that?  Is this a "not to worry" sort of thing?

2)  Restart Client Session from the Server

Is it possible to kill and/or restart a specific client session from the server, presumably from the admin account on the server (we understand that this can be done from the client side)?

3)  Force Use of Passwords

Is there a way in x2go to force use of log in passwords?  We're not sure this is a good idea (or maybe one that has some pluses and some minuses), but can it be accomplished?  The only way we've found so far is to encrypt the users /home directory, cancel when the connection fails, and then connect when presented with the x2go screen (usually shown after you log out) that allows us to enter a password.


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