[X2Go-User] X2Go client - multiple sessions?

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Thu Mar 22 19:17:31 CET 2012

On March 22, 2012 at 1:49 PM "John A. Sullivan III"
<jsullivan at opensourcedevel.com> wrote:

> Ok - I do wish X2Go handled that a little more elegantly.  It may be on
> a to do list somewhere.  In the meantime, the work around is to manually
> edit /usr/bin/x2gostartagent (and remember to edit it after every
> upgrade - it would be a little better if this was a configurable option)
> and change a couple of parameters:
> #X2GO_PORT=49 #First port for X2GO=50
> #SSH_PORT=30000 #First ssh port 30001
> X2GO_PORT=59
> SSH_PORT=30020
> In other words, set the different X2Go servers to start on different SSH
> ports.  I do not recall if different X2Go ports are necessary.  Does
> that help? Good luck - John

I just tried your suggestion and modified only the SSH_PORT parameter and
it appears to work perfectly - thanks!

I can certainly live with this work-around for the time being.  If I get
some free time I may fiddle with moving the SSH_PORT option into
/etc/x2go/x2goconfig and submit a patch.


Shelby Cain
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