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Mike Gabriel mike.gabriel at das-netzwerkteam.de
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On Do 15 Mär 2012 13:28:02 CET BUGHUNTER wrote:

> Hello,
>> I think you should try looking at the documentation for SSH, since
>> that's the service that authenticates users. If i remember right,
>> theres an option specifically for limiting users to their home
>> directory only.
> Thank you very much for your hint, you are probably thinking about
> ChrootDirectory here.
> SSH is only one piece of the puzzle and we need to know how x2go
> behaves in a chroot, but even before that how to install x2go
> correctly into a chroot.
> Are there static builds of the x2go-server available?
> Also it might be possible that x2gpo-server itself offers any ind of
> chroot feature or at least supports it in one or the other way.

I try to hear what you aim at... My guess: one central installation of  
X2Go and a desktop shell (GNOME, KDE, ...) or single applications.  
Whereas the software rests in one single installations each user is  
presented with his/her own chroot.

How about installing X2Go + applications on the server and then  
setting up a chroot with --bind mounts and tmpfs directories. Each  
chroot jail will have _one_ homedir and ,,linked-in''-FHS-compliant  

Tricky approach this will be...



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