[X2Go-User] x2go + chroot

BUGHUNTER bughunter at riseup.net
Thu Mar 15 13:28:02 CET 2012


> I think you should try looking at the documentation for SSH, since
> that's the service that authenticates users. If i remember right,
> theres an option specifically for limiting users to their home
> directory only.

Thank you very much for your hint, you are probably thinking about
ChrootDirectory here.

SSH is only one piece of the puzzle and we need to know how x2go
behaves in a chroot, but even before that how to install x2go
correctly into a chroot.

Are there static builds of the x2go-server available?

Also it might be possible that x2gpo-server itself offers any ind of
chroot feature or at least supports it in one or the other way.


Have a nice day,

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