[X2Go-User] x2go + chroot

BUGHUNTER bughunter at riseup.net
Thu Mar 15 12:58:41 CET 2012


I need instructions for how to setup a chroot environment on the
server - I found this old discussion:


but there is no solution, unfortunately.

Also, I found


but this seems to be a tool for setting up chroot on the CLIENT side?
Seems to be a different use case.

What I want:

I would like to chroot users that logged into the server via x2go
client to see only files in their home directory (or inside their
"jail") - what is the recommended + most efficient way of doing this
with the least administrative overhead? - mind the updates! - so
recompiling jail binaries after every update of relevant software
should happen automatically, most preferable solution would be:

apt-get install x2go-server-chroot
x2go-create-chroot /home/user

without any needed (or minimal) additional interaction after future
updates so that your jail is always uptodate after an apt-get update.

does this exist?

if not, how to create it?

THANK you very much for your attention,

BTW search for x2go +chroot with Google to see how small the internet
can be ;)

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