[X2Go-User] Help with shared folder with postgres backend

Helmer Teles helmer.teles at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 12:28:15 CET 2012

Hello, ML
Hello Michael.

I,ve been strugling with a problem with shared folders under x2go.

When there's a problem with a shared folder not unmounting with the postgres 
backend you can not mount the share anymore.

Steps to reproduce.

Logon to a x2goserver with a shared folderon the client, next go to that 
shared folder ( cd ~/media/disk ) and while you are at that folder at the unix 
server logout from the x2go session.

After you logout from x2go the process to ummount will fail because the 
resource is mounted. After that you can not mount the share anymore because 
the mountpoint is not removed from the x2go_session mounts table.


Helmer Teles

eM at il   : helmer[DOT]teles[at] Google Mail
Web Page: http://hteles.wordpress.com

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