[X2Go-User] thinclient image and automounting usb-devices

Stefan lists at nosolution.doesntexist.org
Thu Mar 8 23:23:29 CET 2012

Am Thursday 08 March 2012 schrieb brian mullan:
> Stefan
> If you can configure your thin-client to boot off of USB ...
>    1. create a 1 or 2 GB USB stick configured to auto-boot into linux and
>    some locked down user account

Hi Brian,

thanks for your Ideas. My Ideas go in a very similar direction. At the moment 
I see two main aproaches: either using live-helper creating live-images for 
usb-stick (or in our case for the harddisk) or using voyage-linux (a debian 
distro for embedded systems). Both have the advantage, that they are readonly 
images - in the case of voyage together with the possibility to change things 
on the fly - without building the whole root.

> Hand out USB's to students at Registration or leave in the
> Thin-Clients.

We will prefer internal devices - because the machines are thin-clients per 
default. Additionally we could make some usb-sticks for the brought-in 

But the main question was concerning the possibility to automount usb-sticks. 
I'd like to achieve that a usb-disk inserting in the client is accessible to 
the x2go-session.

So of course, I could advice the users to mount usb-sticks locally and than 
making the /media/ directory available to x2go via the sshfs. But this is not 
very convenient.

The other possibility is to make usb-automount via udev - but with the problem 
that usb-devices are not cleanly unmounted. The way ltsp works in this point 
is, to automount devices as soon as the sshfs accesses the specific directory. 
And unmounting them automatically when there is no access anymore. But that 
seems to difficult to implementate for me.

Maybe the easiest way is indeed to set up an minimal grafical environment with 
the two functions: mounting and unmounting usb-devices and connecting to wlan. 
Maybe additionally an local browser .... newer knows.

How is this solved in the tce?

> Brian
> On 03/07/2012 11:29 AM, Stefan wrote:
> Hi all,
> we plan to set up an x2go-server in a school, where people should have
> access
> to with laptops throught wlan.
> The laptops will have dual-boot systems an one of them should be a minimal
> setup with x2goclient (thinclient-image) and wlan access. It would be nice
> doing usb-automounting in the image - like the ltsp-thinclient environment
> does.
> They should behave thin-client like - only that they can't boot through pxe
> because of wlan. (For the desktops we still use ltsp - because of features
> like local apps and automounging ...) So users should not have to open a
> desktop-environment, starting x2goclient and mount local devices manualy.
> Are there any common approaches?
> Is automounting working in the tce of x2go?
> Thanks for your ideas.
> stefan

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