[X2Go-User] thinclient image and automounting usb-devices

brian mullan bmullan.mail at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 15:09:49 CET 2012


If you can configure your thin-client to boot off of USB ...

   1. create a 1 or 2 GB USB stick configured to auto-boot into linux and
   some locked down user account
   2. create the network configuration setup the thin-client will use
   3. start x2goclient
   4. create a new "session"
   5. pre-configure the USB x2goclient with 1 Session, your various
   'settings/preferences' like desktop-type, local printing, connection speed
   6. don't enter any user ID into the USB x2goclient
   7. exit the x2go client
   8. configure x2goclient to be auto-run at boot
   9. pre-configure the USB Linux wireless/ethernet info

Shutdown the USB linux and the USB should contain a template you can make
copies of.

Hand out USB's to students at Registration or leave in the

I've talked to some USB manufacturers and if you buy in bulk they will even
pre-copy/load your USBs for you and in most cases, imprint the USB with a
school mascot/banner etc.

They above becomes sort of like an x2go client kiosk setup.

When the thin-clients boots and network is established  the x2go login
screen should be presented and they will be able to log into your
x2goserver and get a desktop.

I've done this and its quite easy.   One other benefit is that if the
x2goserver at the school is setup right to provide a public IP (with
security) the students could take the USB Sticks home and if they have
Internet at home and a PC/laptop/netbook etc that can boot from USB then...
the student can boot off their USB stick, login to their school x2go server
and continue with their desktop & school work as if they'd never left the

First question is "what if the kid loses the USB"...

   - anyone finding it would still not have the user ID and password to
   gain access to the school's x2goserver and the student's desktop.
   - also, since 1-2 GB USBs are so cheap now they can just be a
   "throw-away" expense.
   - Security,  you can encrypt the USB, there's no user information or
   documents etc. ever stored on the USB itself, etc.

Just an idea.

by the way for 1GB USB's they are now about $2.95 each with Free Logo, 100
Piece Minimum.


On 03/07/2012 11:29 AM, Stefan wrote:

Hi all,

we plan to set up an x2go-server in a school, where people should have
to with laptops throught wlan.

The laptops will have dual-boot systems an one of them should be a minimal
setup with x2goclient (thinclient-image) and wlan access. It would be nice
doing usb-automounting in the image - like the ltsp-thinclient environment

They should behave thin-client like - only that they can't boot through pxe
because of wlan. (For the desktops we still use ltsp - because of features
like local apps and automounging ...) So users should not have to open a
desktop-environment, starting x2goclient and mount local devices manualy.

Are there any common approaches?

Is automounting working in the tce of x2go?

Thanks for your ideas.

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