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Upstream version
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Christoffer Krakou (1):
      Update Danish translation file.

Daniel Lindgren (1):
      Update Swedish translation file.

Dick Kniep (1):
      Update Dutch translation file.

Mike Gabriel (74):
      typo fix
      Thanks to Orion's patch in bug #91 we can drop many build dependencies.
      Add rules to setup.py that install PyHoca-GUI's data files under Linux (i.e. icons, images, man page, etc.). Thanks to Orion Poplawski for coming up with an inspiring patch. (Fixes: #92).
      remove /usr/bin/env python from messages.py
      add trailing semicolon to pyhoca-gui.desktop
      use icons_symlinked instead of icons
      replace all remaining occurrences of X2go with X2Go
      fix __doc__ strings
      rebuild i18n files
      fix icon file names
      Add support for exporting session profiles and session profile groups. Versioned Depend: on python-x2go (>=
      Translation source file (.pot) updated. Update of en.po and de.po.
      Add gnome-colors-common to Build-Depends.
      fix icon symlinking in .deb package
      minor i18n fix
      rebuild i18n (binary) files
      suggest .x2go file name when exporting session profiles
      Revert "fix __doc__ strings"
      fix __doc__ strings
      typo in German translation
      Drop SSH proxy tunnel configuration parameter. Adapt PyHoca-GUI to the way X2GoClient configures the SSH proxy settings.
      bump version to
      expect DirectRDP support for
      Add cmdline option --add-to-known-hosts. Add SSH host keys automatically to the client's known_hosts file.
      Add checkbox for unique host key aliases feature to session profile manager.
      update i18n files
      update i18n files (mainly: de, en)
      changeset needed for the renaming of X2go -> X2Go in Python X2Go
      fully rename X2go -> X2Go, also for class identifiers
      remnant changes needed for X2go -> X2Go API change
      Bump version to WARNING: starting with version of PyHoca-GUI, PyHoca-CLI and Python X2Go, all class identifiers are now X2Go..., not X2go... anymore.
      changelog fix
      fix de.po, rebuild i18n files
      fix layout for SSH proxy settings in profile manager
      Show ,,Start RDP sessions'' in menu if RDP (X2Go-proxied) has been selected as command.
      fix some i18n statements
      Give control of auto-starting and auto-resuming fully into the hands of the session profiles. No extra cmdline options needed anymore to activate auto-starting/-resuming of sessions.
      promise DirectRDP for
      only use ,,Connect Server'' in menu
      picky pyflakes looked at the pyhoca-gui code
      make unique aliases code always available.
      disable UniqueHostAliases checkbox in profile manager when connected
      Add support for desktop sharing in PyHoca-GUI. Requires X2Go Server and above.
      provide German translation for Desktop Sharing feature in PyHoca-GUI
      add closure of X2Go BTS issue #37
      add forgotten file: listdesktops.py
      fix mal-assignment of sshport parameter when used with usesshproxy
      Filter out other session types than desktop sessions from the list of sharable desktops.
      fix __doc__ string of class
      fix __doc__ string of class(2)
      fix __doc__ string of class(3)
      Add dialog box that shows server information (components, add-ons, features, versions).
      i18n update for server info feature
      Add »Apply« to session profile manager window.
      i18n update
      typo in German translation
      Add another tab »Media« to session profile configuration window. Makes the windows display on netbook screens again (Fixes: #13).
      update i18n files
      update i18n files, update German translation
      make sure server-info works with X2Go server 4.0.x.y
      Become aware of multiple PyHoca-GUI processes being allowed. Pre-requisited, that each instance runs on its own $DISPLAY ($DISPLAY detection yet unfinished).
      changelog fix
      update date+version in man page
      happy new year
      README update
      rebuilt i18n files
      i18n update: Spanish
      i18n update: Dutch
      i18n update: Dutch(2)
      i18n update: Danish
      rebuild i18n binary files
      Fix print dialog box: update the configuration from the GUI widgets before handing it over to some calling agent.
      add fixure for X2Go BTS issue #85

Oleksandr Shneyder (1):
      Update russian translation file.

Orion Poplawski (1):
      Importing all of pyhoca.wxgui in setup.py causes rpmbuild problems due to DISPLAY not being set.  It is overkill as well, causing extra dependencies to be installed at build time. (Fixes: #91).

Ricardo Díaz Martín (1):
      Update Spanish translation file.

Terje Andersen (1):
      Update Bokmal (Norway) translation file.


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