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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


Mike Gabriel (45):
      fix missing os module
      fix changelog entry
      fix link in __doc__ string
      fix typo in SSH port number
      Add session profile option ,,display'' to default session profile options.
      fix __doc__ string
      Catch any kind of exception when writing session profile files and return True or False in cases where I/O errors occur.
      ignore the session profile option display
      Revert "ignore the session profile option display"
      ignore the session profile option display
      Revert "ignore the session profile option display"
      ignore the session profile option display
      fix faulty commit of partial new sshproxy code
      fix name of Python X2Go in epydoc build
      Avoid the known_hosts file being flushed with localhost:[<someport>] entries. Store host keys of SSH-proxied hosts under the [<address>]:<port> the system has _behind_ the SSH proxy gateway.
      fix __doc__ strings
      make SSH proxy setting migration more smooth
      bump version to
      Add session profile option: uniquehostkeyaliases. Allow the (by-design-unique) X2Go session profile ID to be a representative for <hostname>:<port>. Update session profile IDs on hostname changes. Re-arrange class structure for MissingHostKey policies, also provide an X2goAutoAddPolicy class.
      fix unique host key aliases feature, do not use it for SSH proxy connections
      fix renaming of profile ID
      rename every occurence from X2go to X2Go, including class names
      add compat code to let Python X2Go at least appear a little tolerant after the API change
      Bump version to WARNING: starting with version of PyHoca-GUI, PyHoca-CLI and Python X2Go, all class identifiers are now X2Go..., not X2go... anymore.
      fix modifying existing profiles
      Fix auto-starting and auto-resuming of sessions.
      Avoid false-positive notifications of dead control session directly after a disconnect request from the user.
      fix __doc__ strings
      make it possible to use the unique host key aliases code without SSH proxy, as well
      only prep fake_hostname if unique_hostkey_aliases is set to True
      return success of writing a session profile configuration to disk
      Improve desktop sharing code. Add code to obtain version information of server-side X2Go components.
      Add session type filter for list of sharable desktops.
      Sort X2Go feature list, add force option for X2GoClient queries of server features and server components. Add alias get_server_components (for  get_server_versions).
      happy new year
      README update
      whitespace fixes
      skip undefined print actions that get returned from HOOK_open_print_dialog hook
      add fixure for X2Go BTS issue #18
      add fixure for X2Go BTS issue #23
      add fixure for X2Go BTS issue #23 (2)
      Add low latency support for link types 'modem' and 'isdn'. Selecting either link quality will double nearly all connection timeout values. (Fixes: #53).
      modify low_latency for already initialized control sessions
      add a note about the class name changes to the __doc__ string based documentation

Orion Poplawski (1):
      Importing all of pyhoca.wxgui in setup.py causes rpmbuild problems due to DISPLAY not being set.  It is overkill as well, causing extra dependencies to be installed at build time. (Fixes: #91).


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