[X2Go-Dev] X2Go-TCE-MATE-Minidesktop, Contents of x2gothinclient-minidesktop Debian package

Stefan Baur X2Go-ML-1 at baur-itcs.de
Mon Jan 21 13:20:46 CET 2019

Am 21.01.19 um 12:52 schrieb Mike Gabriel:
> This has been a bad idea, as I reckon today. It can introduce all sorts
> of breakages, if the SVG file in /etc/x2go/ is bogus.
> Furthermore, the symlinking code in
> debian/x2gothinclient-minidesktop.links was possibly bad, too. Not 100%
> sure with some more testing.
> Today, I would propose another approach: install a background image to
> /usr/share/backgrounds/x2go/, make it be the default desktop-base
> background and remove it from /etc/x2go/ entirely.
> If people want to override the default background image, they need to
> use update-alternatives and fiddle with desktop-base themselves.
> Before I start working on a patch, let me know what you think.

As you know - or well, you probably noticed from the questions I've
asked on IRC and on this list lately - ;-), I've been working on getting
a TCE-Live-based MMD ready for use (or at least polished up enough that
it might catch the eye and interest of a commercial sponsor ...).

In doing so, I noticed a few other peculiarities as well.  Maybe they
stem from you not knowing better at the time, maybe they are the way
they are because that's just how things need to be with an NFS-based
MMD.  And maybe I just don't know enough about MATE to fully grasp what
you did ...

So maybe we should agree on a time slot and show our findings to each
other and work out a plan, not only for this issue, but for the general
future of MMD (or TCE-MMD-Live in particular)?

Kind Regards,
Stefan Baur

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