[X2Go-Dev] X2Go-TCE-MATE-Minidesktop, Contents of x2gothinclient-minidesktop Debian package

Mike Gabriel mike.gabriel at das-netzwerkteam.de
Mon Jan 21 12:52:29 CET 2019

Hi Stefan,

On  Fr 18 Jan 2019 20:57:41 CET, Stefan Baur wrote:

> Hi $LIST,
> dpkg -L x2gothinclient-minidesktop | grep -i ".svg$" tells me there are
> two SVG files in this package:
> /etc/x2go/x2gothinclient-minidesktop_background.svg
> /usr/share/backgrounds/x2go/x2gothinclient-minidesktop_background.svg
> And according to md5sum, they have the same hash
> (0f71c9af27b94364625047c0675c69a0), so they are identical.
> Is this file really needed in two locations, and why isn't one of them a
> symlink?

First, that background file discussed here is the desktop-base  
background. Not X2Go Client's inner background.

The idea was (long time ago), to provide a background SVG in  
/etc/x2go, symlink it to  
and then replace the system's default desktop-base background by  
(which is a symlink to a file in /etc/x2go/.

This has been a bad idea, as I reckon today. It can introduce all  
sorts of breakages, if the SVG file in /etc/x2go/ is bogus.

Furthermore, the symlinking code in  
debian/x2gothinclient-minidesktop.links was possibly bad, too. Not  
100% sure with some more testing.

Today, I would propose another approach: install a background image to  
/usr/share/backgrounds/x2go/, make it be the default desktop-base  
background and remove it from /etc/x2go/ entirely.

If people want to override the default background image, they need to  
use update-alternatives and fiddle with desktop-base themselves.

Before I start working on a patch, let me know what you think.


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