[X2Go-Dev] improve Xinerama

Ulrich Sibiller uli42 at gmx.de
Thu Apr 30 03:10:40 CEST 2015

Am 29.04.2015 00:37 schrieb "Mike Gabriel" <mike.gabriel at das-netzwerkteam.de>:
> Hi Uli,
> (any reason for going off-list?)

Stupid Gmail client in Android...

>> Well, I haven't thought about moving that code yet, but this would be a
>> step in the right direction. It would solve all of the problems I mentioned
>> in my first mail. But I still think the real solution would be to redirect
>> xinerama requests to the real X server. Generally libnxcomp can handle all
>> kinds of X11 requests so that redirection should not be too complicated.
>> Caching/optimization can be implemented at a later time.
> Ok. I missed that. (Had a full day with customer tasks etc. and could only fly over mails today).

>>> If you are available for coding, maybe you feel like working on the
>> Xinerama change?
>> I am currently looking into this.
> So cool!!!

I have a working version right now that asks the real X server for
xinerama data. I have to do some code cleanup and will then put that
to github.

However, I am still unsure about the correct solution here. Some
questions that arise:
- do we need a switch to disable that lookup? Why is xinerama disabled
by default when configuring new x2go sessions?
- do we need a notification from the nxproxy when the xinerama setup
changes during connection?
- xinerama is integrated into xrandr (in
programs/Xserver/randr/rrxinerama.c; the file I mentioned yesterday is
compiled and included, but not used apparently). Does hooking in there
produce any side effects? Currently clients asking nxagent for
xinerama info get the values from the real server but there are
internal structures that are not updated.
- is there a need to keep the current solution with LD_LIBRARY_PATH ?
(I'd say no)


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