[X2Go-Dev] improve Xinerama

Mihai Moldovan ionic at ionic.de
Wed Apr 29 00:03:41 CEST 2015

On 28.04.2015 11:03 PM, Mike Gabriel wrote:
> Moving that change from libXinerama into the Xserver code is actually  
> a good idea. Maybe that is also possible for all the other changes in  
> libNX_X<*>.

Yes, but for now I'd like to fix up the current, broken packages we have,
including 3.5.0.x. Thus https://github.com/ArcticaProject/nx-libs/pull/19

> Also, I would like to get rid of that xinerama.conf and turn it into  
> some sort of FIFO socket.
>>> 2. We are indeed working on dropping as many of nx-libs's bundled
>>> libraries as possible. We replace them with the system's versions.
>>> Often this means modifying files under nx-X11/programs/xserver/ like
>>> the one you mentioned. I am not sure what the schedule is for
>>> libXinerama, but I assume it is on the list. All this work is being
>>> done on the nx-libs 3.6.x branch.
>>> http://code.x2go.org/gitweb?p=nx-libs.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/3.6.x
>>> https://github.com/ArcticaProject/nx-libs/tree/3.6.x
>>> 3. Hopefully someone can comment on the timetable for dropping the
>>> bundled libXinerama. Still, just because we dropped libXinerama
>>> doesn't mean we will immediately release nx-libs 3.6.0; We will
>>> probably drop other libraries 1st.
>> Ok, I have not seen a detailed list of the planned steps, does such a
>> thing exist?
> There is no such list. We coordinate via IRC (#arctica on Freenode).  
> The current phase is clean-up-clean-up-clean-up. The other current  
> phase is replace libNX_X<*> by libX<*> where possible.

Btw, a list of already cleaned up stuff can be found here:



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