[X2go-dev] x2goclient and ssh-agent

Mike Gabriel mike.gabriel at das-netzwerkteam.de
Wed Jun 1 11:21:51 CEST 2011

Hi Heiko,

On Mo 30 Mai 2011 19:12:44 CEST Heiko Baumann wrote:

> hi,
> if you enable ssh agent forwarding (ssh option -A or ForwardAgent in  
> ssh_config) your agent connection is "forwarded" to the remote host.  
> this way you can use your ssh-agent (and smartcard in my case) to  
> login (or mount sshfs) to another host using your private key stored  
> in you local ssh-agent. this works with a socket created in  
> /tmp/ssh-<somerandomstring>/agent.<pid> on the ssh server/host.
> if i use a current x2goclient this socket is not created and so i  
> cannot mount a directory from another host from within my x2gosession.

Is it possible that Alex and you discuss two very separate things?

Alex's topic: By looking at the sources of X2goClient, there obviously  
is an SSH agent implementation in X2goClient. BUT: that's for session  

Heiko's topic: What you are referrring to in your last sentence is  
using X2go's reverse SSH port forwarding tunnel to access other  
server's shares in the X2go client's sub-LAN? This currently is not  
supported (and probably now wanted, either). Also: if the  
implementation of such a feature became a future endeavour we would  
have really to look at it very closely for considerations on security.



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