[X2go-dev] getting features inside neatx/freenx instead of developing something different

Paul van der Vlis paul at vandervlis.nl
Wed Jun 30 23:29:00 CEST 2010

Eli K. schreef:
> Hello x2go list,
> I've added one of my not so important mail accounts to this list to
> share my opinion about nx based development in the future. I don't
> like mailing lists because they only collect spam (to add my opinion
> to a already discussed topic). 

Strange ideas do you have.

Why don't you use this?

Or read this list as a usenet group. With both you can post too.

> I've read some of the mesages here and
> I've taken a look to this project. I really don't think this is a
> good idea to work on a not compatible nx server. There are already
> enough free servers and clients in the world and we all should try to
> save a amount of compatibility to all projects. 

You have a point, but I like the way how X2go works more. It's cleaner.
The way how Nomachine NX works is strange, and not really compatible
with how SSH works.

> There is also a
> plugin for mozilla (moznx) so you won't need to develop a own. 
> Although i like the idea of the file transport and print module of
> x2go (pulseaudio too is already possible with opennx). 

I did not know about openNX. Interesting project.

> If you would
> change to python, i would help you to get things to work with
> neatx/freenx. Then you too would have no problem with the packaging,
> because everything you need is already done. 

If everything is done, you don't need X2go!

> What do you think about
> at minimum getting those interesting features build up in external
> programms, so you can use it with all nx servers (or even vncs)?

A proxy would be nice, but not very important in my opinion. I think
it's not much work for other NX clients to support the X2go way.

You say "all nx servers". In my opinion there is not even a good
alternative for an OSS NX server. Only FreeNX, but that seems to be
dead. And I have heard the new version of Nomachine NX will become
completely different...

With regards,
Paul van der Vlis.


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