[X2go-dev] getting features inside neatx/freenx instead of developing something different

Mike Gabriel m.gabriel at das-netzwerkteam.de
Wed Jun 30 22:08:30 CEST 2010

Hi Eli,

On Mi 30 Jun 2010 20:58:54 CEST "Eli K." wrote:

> Hello x2go list,
> I've added one of my not so important mail accounts to this list to  
> share my opinion about nx based development in the future. I don't  
> like mailing lists because they only collect spam (to add my opinion  
> to a already discussed topic).
> I've read some of the mesages here and I've taken a look to this  
> project. I really don't think this is a good idea to work on a not  
> compatible nx server. There are already enough free servers and  
> clients in the world and we all should try to save a amount of  
> compatibility to all projects.
> There is also a plugin for mozilla (moznx) so you won't need to  
> develop a own.
> Although i like the idea of the file transport and print module of  
> x2go (pulseaudio too is already possible with opennx).
> If you would change to python, i would help you to get things to  
> work with neatx/freenx. Then you too would have no problem with the  
> packaging, because everything you need is already done.
> What do you think about at minimum getting those interesting  
> features build up in external programms, so you can use it with all  
> nx servers (or even vncs)?
> eli

Thanks for your statement.

I too personally was rather sad to find out that freenx upstream was  
without future...

I then was happy to see that launchpad nx people changed to neatx...  
Enthusiastically, I installed it right away, faced my first dependency  
problems (that is Ubuntu / Launchpad) etc.

My 6 week experience with neatx is very frustrating, unfortunately. It  
crashes unpredictably during login process, only a couple of session  
logins are successful, session resume does neither work reliably...

I then remembered a magazine article about x2go and tried that. And I  
must say, if you want to use it as normal remote desktop software, it  
is the most reliable NX derivative I have met, so far. The current  
stable release and probably also some future versions will still/ever  
need work, of course - as any opensource project, but the approach  
already works convincingly.

AND MAIN POINT: x2go is no NX server/client software... It is a  
concept to setup a whole company network based on server based  
computing (SBC) and thin client technology, that also utilize slim  
transport features of the NX protocol. The session management is  
(becoming) far more elaborate and comprehensive than normal NX  
server/client applications target at.

You can also take a look at a project that utilizes x2go and creates a  
greater virtualization context around it: http://www.osbd.eu.

Usability counts.

Thanks for you time,

PS: I personally like Python quite well, too. If you can code Python,  
Perl is not that difficult to learn. BTW: Perl with Python's code  
indentation style improves readability of Perl scripts...


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