[X2go-dev] home dirs with x2go

Mike Gabriel m.gabriel at das-netzwerkteam.de
Wed Jun 30 14:07:33 CEST 2010

hi list-folks,

what kind of home dir setup does x2go expect/support.

1. Scenario I tried...
My default scenario: homes rest on an NFS server, homes are mounted as  
NFS homes with kerberos security (sec=krb5i or sec=krb5p).

Everything seems to work fine apart from x2go printing (I mentioned  
this issue in another posting).

2. Scenario I tried...
I have two x2goservers, tied together with postgres, but without  
explicit x2go  LDAP tweaks. Each server has its own homes, only real  
data (no configs) is shared via Autofs-NFS in /home/<user>/MyDocuments.

This means: /home/<user> on <host1> is different from /home/<user> on <host2>.

x2go printing now works (no file copying onto NFS share as root  
anymore), but x2golistsessions throws a bug:

mike at vidar:~$ x2golistsessions --all-servers
,,/home/<client-user>/.x2go/C-<server-user>-53-1277893552_stDLXDE_dp24/session.log\'' kann nicht zum Lesen geöffnet werden: No such file or  
21577|<server-user>-53-1277893552_stDLXDE_dp24|53|<host1>.das-netzwerkteam.de|R|30.06.10 12:25:52|fa4f8eb2071a396e215efbd048f3a5b7|<client-ip>|30007|30008|30.06.10  
26895|<server-user>-51-1277893678_stDGNOME_dp24|51|<host2>.das-netzwerkteam.de|R|30.06.10 12:27:58|b8b9058a32fd73ce3ae02cbae8aab605|<client-ip>|30004|30005|30.06.10  

Question: which scenarios have you already implied, which may be  
missing or are untested? What home dir setup is most preferred from  
the developers' point of view?



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