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Mike Gabriel m.gabriel at das-netzwerkteam.de
Mon Jun 28 22:20:57 CEST 2010

Dear list, dear future list members (for the gmane archive readers),

On Mo 28 Jun 2010 21:37:55 CEST "Heinz-M. Graesing" wrote:

> Hello all new to the list,
> I just wan't to comment on a number of complaints about the "needed
> membership" to write to the mailing list "x2go-dev". At the moment you
> can only write to the list, after you've registered your email address.
> This is done, because if everybody can write to the list we would
> receive a lot of spam. I have to delete really a lot of "non
> accepted/hold" messages per day which are normally spam only.
> I can understand, that not everybody wants to register to such a service
> - but the very popular alternative "forum" needs registration too.
> I need to write about this issue, because there are complaints about the
> level which must be taken to send informations to our project/community.
> I'll describe how to handle the list in our new wiki, and I'll definitly
> promote the service of gmane (making a list look like a forum).

a mailing list is one of _the_ communication facilities in opensource  
software projects and cooperative projects in general.

There is really no need to complain about these facilities. There is  
only a need to get involved.

For busy people (like software developers) the main aspect of  
utilizing mailing lists is that communicees from all different kinds  
of projects a developer is involved in flow together in one single  
mailbox. Opposed to logging into 27 forums twice a day (at least) you  
can have all the communication at a single glance.

But... Using mailing lists without mail filtering can be a nuissance,  
though indeed. Thus, if you register for a mailing list like x2go-dev  
please make sure that you use a mail client like Thunderbird, Horde  
Webmail etc. that supports genuine mail filtering methods. You  
certainly do not want to have mailing list postings jamming your  

Mails having passed the x2go-dev list can be recognized by the mail  
header line:

List-Id: <x2go-dev.lists.berlios.de>

A mail filter can identify mails containing this line and store/move  
all mails that apply to the filter rule into a separate folder. Once  
you have configured this, all x2go-dev mails end up in this one  
dedicated subfolder in your mailbox. You can even (depending on your  
mail client) display the received postings in ,,thread view'' (i.e.  
sorted by flow of the discussion).

I am pretty new to the list and have only recently got to know the  
x2go project... However, believe me, there is no need to complain  
about anything. As users of opensource software it is our job to  
support the development of the software code and ease the developers'  
days. So please, take this responsibility!

Consumption (and complaining) takes place in another world...

Just my 10¢...


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