[X2go-dev] Extra functions requested in x2go

Dick Kniep dick.kniep at lindix.nl
Tue Jun 22 12:37:05 CEST 2010

Hi LIst, 

A little more explanation. We publish our application from Linux, but NO desktop. So the user double-clicks an icon on his desktop and the application starts in its own window powered by x2go (currently GoGlobal). So for the user it is simply an application on his own windows/mac/linux desktop.


In our application there is a menu option to export a list to Excel. So I would like to be able to do several things from our application:


1. Copy the file to the shared directory of the client

2. Start that file (based on the mime type) on the client


I hope this clears things up.
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On Mon, 2010-06-21 at 18:45 +0200, Dick Kniep wrote:
> To explain a little further:
> We have a Linux application written in wxPython with Postgresql and
> (mostly) Windows clients. 
> Goglobal gives us the possibility to export a file to the client and
> subsequently start the file. The mime type of the file determines
> which program is started on the client.
> In the client a trigger should start the application with the file
> that is passed.
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And how would you see X2Go integrating into the process?

Obviously there is a reason but, for example, why would you call X2Go
rather than Excel or OOCalc to open a spreadsheet? Is it because the
client is very limited and so, in effect, you want to do application
publishing? Thanks - John

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