[X2go-dev] Extra functions requested in x2go

Dick Kniep dick at lindix.nl
Fri Jun 18 10:19:51 CEST 2010

Hi List,


First of all,I am very impressed by the work you have done and would like to thank all involved.


We are a company that provides a kind of CRM system over the net to our customers. (See www.lindix.nl, text is Dutch)


Currently we use GoGlobal but we want to switch to x2go. However, there is a missing piece. In GoGlobal it is possible to start an application on the client by the use of the extension of the file. So I can write an Excel sheet in my application and subsequently start the file, the result is that a local session opens on the client with the Excel sheet.


I realize that there are security issues here, but for our application this would be a real bonus.


Is there any chance this could be implemented? If the number of hours involved is reasonable, we even would pay for that.


Cheers, D.Kniep
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