[X2go-dev] Linuxtag 2010 - talk and booth

Heinz-M. Graesing x2go-dev at x2go.org
Mon Jun 14 21:51:00 CEST 2010

Hello members of our mailing list,

now after we are back from berlin we like to thank you for visiting us
on our booth. This was really a very impressive and friendly response
and we had a really good time. The discussions on our booth have been
very interesting and helpfull.
We've met people of this list and some of the topics have been the
topics of this list. It is really nice to be able to talk to you directly.
Please be sure that we've enjoyed this much and it was worth the work we
had with our booth.
We would further thank the Skolelinux Team, our booth neighbours and our
home on the Linuxtag.
I've been asked about where to find the poster behind our booth:


In the list was the question where the "new stuff" can be found - please
keep in mind, that we've still not finished the packaging of the new
release - so this is what we are working on:

This is the plugin test page - after the connection profile will need a
working server, you won't be able to connect to a server at the moment.
This page is planned to be a test site where you'll be able to connect
to offered test servers. Maybe you or your project or your company are
interested to offer a testserver we can link at:


The plugin will work best with the upcomming server version. If you can,
please wait with implementation until the new package is released.

The second "thing" - is our wiki which will replace the pdf/odt/html
documentation. It is still not 100% completed, but as it has been named
here before - feel free to visit it and maybe help us to remove typos
and errors:


The plugin is available for linux and windows - we don't know if it will
be possible to build it for macOS at the moment. It will be possible to
run the sessions inside the website and you'll be able to resize the
sessions during the connection even with the help of javascript (inside
a div tag).

best regards,

Alex & Heinz

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