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Heinz-M. Graesing x2go-dev at x2go.org
Tue Jun 8 13:16:45 CEST 2010

Hello Paul,

Hello x2gousers...

I'll spend my little break to answer some questions which have been
asked and I'll comment some really good ideas:

We'll NOT close down the mailing list. Sorry for that I can't change the
name any more - this is caused by the administration form of BerliOs.
The mailing list is the best thing to communicate with you. Paul had
some really good ideas to integrate it even better in our website. I'll
do this! The forum of Tobias is something completly different and it
will be addressed to beginners and will communicate use cases and so on.
After every third question on our booths was about a "forum", I think -
if you address beginners directly - this will help them.
But again - the list is the most important communication method for us.
We already had a forum in the beginning and it was really a lot of work
to maintain and a lot of questions were uncommented, because of to many
branches you could write in.
To get it in one sentence: The list will stay exacly as it is - please
go on using it - it is really a good and proofed way for communication -

If we can have any influence about who will build a x2go forum (which
will be build for sure in my eyes), Tobias would be "our choice". Tobias
is part of the linux4afrika team and linux4afrika is a big part of our

So I really understand every single argument and I'm glad that this is

About democracy: with my last mail, I wanted to spend my time to give
you again more details about how we are trying to go on with x2go. And I
really must say - yes, we should spend more time on communication (and
maybe to ask more questions). But sometimes there is still no time left
- like in preperation of events like Linuxtag or when you spend a lot of
time looking for a viciously hidden bug.

There was an Bugtracker active inside the BerliOs Site, but nobody used
it - in future we'll wan't to integrate it with the git.

Again we wan't to thank all the people in the list to answer questions
to user and for having some very good ideas. This comminication helps us
in many ways and if you think something is not Ok for you, please place
it here. Be sure that we are open minded and some things just need to be
learned or can't be realized at once.

best regards...

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