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Paul van der Vlis paul at vandervlis.nl
Tue Jun 8 12:23:25 CEST 2010

cougarmaster schreef:
> Paul van der Vlis <paul at ...> writes:
>> cougarmaster schreef:
>>> Hi 
>>>   Will you move to a forum? Just makes it easier for users to join in.
>> There is a forum:
>> http://news.gmane.org/gmane.linux.terminal-server.x2go.devel
>> You will see this list.
>> You can also post messages there, but only with a working e-mail address
>> (the first time you need to give a confirmation).
>> With regards,
>> Paul van der Vlis.
> This forum or a hybrid of a mail-list forum is not convenient and the messages
> are limited in length so its hard to post config files and stuff. 

Not true, try it:
But maybe there is an interface for typo3 what can do the same.

> A proper forum
>  can let you see how many users are online and reading. Also you can assign
> people in the forum to help others which makes it more interactive and quick
> replies. 

I don't think so. I never go into forums to give support.
And I know many forums with very less good answers.

> I believe there are loads of users out there and the community can help
> out giving you the developers the room to do other things than answering common
> questions. Anyway this is just my opinion and sorry if it offends. Want the best
> for x2go community.

I do believe you want the best. But maybe a bit contact about the plans
would be good. Here are not only the developers, here are the people who
wants help and the people who give help. This is the X2go community.

( In my opinion it would be good to rename the mailinglist from
"x2go-dev" into "x2go", to avoid confusion. )

With regards,
Paul van der Vlis.


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