[X2Go-User] problem getting x2go to work.

Mike Gabriel mike.gabriel at das-netzwerkteam.de
Mon Jun 30 10:26:52 CEST 2014

Hi Jon, hi Michael,

On  Mo 30 Jun 2014 05:18:06 CEST, Michael DePaulo wrote:

>> Anyway after some digging on that error message, I figured out that  
>> my problem was that my Bitnami AMI had me signing in as username  
>> "ubuntu" which is really just an alias to the user "bitnami". But  
>> because I was signed in as a different username than the name of  
>> the home folder, it was messing up. When I logged instead using  
>> "bitnami" as the username, then suddenly it worked... kind of.
> OK. I think I this should be documented on the wiki as under a page
> like "known issues with virtual appliances." Or "common configuration
> issues." I'll take care of that. I want to see if there is an existing
> page 1st. Thank you for documenting it via this email.

Jon, can you explain this in more depth. I am not getting what  
happened during authentication that lead to this weird observation.

Mike#2, I am sure there is nothing of that kind documented, so far.

> OK, I think I see the problem. "ubuntu-desktop". You have the UNITY
> desktop environment installed, not vanilla GNOME. Please try
> specifying "UNITY" as your session type. Our logic in the "x2goserver"
> package will make sure Unity runs in Unity 2d mode. This mode is
> provided by package "unity-2d". "ubuntu-desktop" depends on
> "unity-2d", so you do have "unity-2d" installed.

Unity 2D support ended with Ubuntu 12.04. More recent Ubuntu versions  
lack Unity 2D support and thus, X2Go won't connect to those Unity  

> Also, as for XFCE:
> It's lightweight and it never tries to use 3d effects, so it runs
> faster to one degree or another.
> I recommend installing it according to my instructions.
> Absolutely, you can have both desktop environments installed. If you
> had a physical machine, you would select which desktop environment to
> use at the display manager's greeter (the graphical login screen.)

I second that!


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