[X2Go-i18n] Czech translation of X2Go's PyHoca-GUI

Ruda Vallo ruda at vallo.cz
Mon Feb 4 23:05:11 CET 2019

Hi Mike,
I'm not doing it just yet. I will prepare translations within next three

Thanks & greets,

Dne 04. 02. 19 v 14:41 Mike Gabriel napsal(a):
> Hi Ruda,
> I am about to prepare a release for X2Go's alternative client GUI,
> called PyHcoa-GUI. I plan to upload the package asap.
> Did you start with the translation of PyHoca-GUI at the time we
> exchanged emails on X2Go translations already?
> If not, do you think you can work on that on short notice?
> Most other languages are ok'ish and I will probably get a permission
> for uploading i18n changes in upstream to Debian after the upcoming
> soft-freeze (for Debian 10).
> Greets,
> Mike

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