[X2Go-Dev] Buildscripts reworked

Mihai Moldovan ionic at ionic.de
Fri Apr 3 07:37:30 CEST 2015


I initially intended to write this eMail as a follow-up to another
thread on the mailing list:
[X2Go-Dev] FYI: I updated the Fedora Rawhide mock files onjenkins

However, this turns out to be a bad idea as the changes to the
buildscripts were quite massive and not just fixing one issue.

Thus, I'll be utilizing this to give you all a summary of what changed.

Deb + RPM shared changes:
  o New cleanup mechanism. Temporary directories are now always
    deleted, no matter whether the build was successful or not.
  o Added a lot of quotes and put variables in ${CURLY_BRACES}.
  o Functions are, whenever possible, not ran in subshells. This
    means that global variables can be modified and will actually
    have an effect in the main process.
  o Lots of small improvements, for instance by not using
    echo "${var}" | grep "searchstr", but grep "searchstr" <<< "${var}"
    or grep "searchstr" "file" instead of cat "file" | grep "searchstr"

RPM changes:
  o New mock config file creation mechanism for merging a base mock
    config with a .repo file.
  o New option "RPM_MOCK_CONFIG_DIR". Default: /etc/mock. Not overridden
    in x2go.conf. Specifies the location of mock .cfg and additional
    .repo files.
  o New option "RPM_EXTRA_REPO_MOCK_CONFIG_BASE". Default: empty
    string. Overridden in x2go.conf to "x2go". Sets the prefix for .repo
    files in the ${RPM_MOCK_CONFIG_DIR} directory.
    (hell, I should probably change this to a better, shorter name, but
    I have no idea to what exactly...)
  o New option "RPM_WANT_EXTRA_REPOS". Default: 0. Overridden in
    x2go.conf to 1. If this is enabled, additional repositories
    provided in ${RPM_MOCK_CONFIG_DIR} are taken into account and
    merged with the base mock config file.
    Otherwise, the default config files in /etc/mock will be used by
    running mock with the option -r ${DISTRIBUTION}-${VERSION}-${ARCH},
    e.g. -r fedora-22-x86_64.
  o Additional repository files in ${RPM_MOCK_CONFIG_DIR}
    have to follow this naming convention:
    and should contain:
      - a section called ${RPM_EXTRA_REPO_MOCK_CONFIG_BASE}-

        Example for X2Go and EPEL:
      - a section called ${RPM_EXTRA_REPO_MOCK_CONFIG_BASE}-

        Example for X2Go and Fedora:
      - a section called ${RPM_EXTRA_REPO_MOCK_CONFIG_BASE}-

        Example for X2Go and EPEL:

    Each of these section should contain at least the following keys
    (but they are currently not enforced to be present):
      - name
      - baseurl
      - enabled
      - gpgkey
      - gpgcheck

    For all packages, the extras section will be copied to the
    generated temporary mock config file.

    If the package to be built is NOT included in the list provided by
    the already existent ${PACKAGE_WITHOUT_OTHERMIRROR} variable, the
    release or nightly section will also be copied to the generated
    temporary mock config file.

    For all copied sections, the "enabled" key will be forcefully set
    to 1 and "gpgcheck" to 0. I may change the latter behavior at a
    convenient time with prior testing.

/etc/mock changes:
  o Copied /etc/mock to /etc/mock-2015-04-03 as a backup.
  o Copied original .cfg files to .cfg.orig.
  o Fetched new .cfg files from mock's upstream git archive for version
  o For Fedora 20 to 22, the upstream config files define "releasever"
    and use it as a variable in the yum.conf section. This does not work
    with mock 1.1.33.
    Thus I copied the original upstream files with an .upstream
    suffix and used sed to hardcode the release version in the "normal"
    mock config files.

If this was all too verbose, (anyone) please tell me.


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