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  FIXME for MATE-MiniDesktop, it might make sense to teach the image how to do LDAP auth (preferably with LDAPS or LDAP+TLS) and use lightdm without the auto-login. That way, a local screensaver //with// locking functionality (prompting for the actual user's LDAP password) should be possible - and LDAP credential passthrough to X2GoClient should work, too (though that might require kerberos in addition to LDAP,we'll see).
  FIXME Scripts
triggered by if-up should check if a new download is really necessary.
- FIXME Feature request: In TCE (not MMD), use <code>
+ ===== List of closed ToDos/FIXMEs for this page ===== 
+   * Feature request: In TCE (not MMD), use <code>
  while ! (grep "^/dev/" /etc/mtab | grep -q rw ) ; do # rw-mounted physical devices detected
  	echo s >/proc/sysrq-trigger # sync all
  	echo u >/proc/sysrq-trigger # remount all (physdevs) ro
  echo o >/proc/sysrq-trigger # force fast shutdown/poweroff
  </code> for faster poweroff when boot parameter ''fastpo'' is set
- ===== List of closed ToDos/FIXMEs for this page ===== 
    * ''audioout='', ''blank='', ''*blankdpmsfix'', ''nodpms'', ''xinerama='', are currently unsupported in MiniDesktop-Mode, but this is being worked on, by outsourcing them into scripts under ''/etc/X11/Xsession.d/'' (currently, they reside in ''/lib/live/config/2900-x2go-thinclientconfig'' - which doesn't exist in the MiniDesktop branches - and from there, they get
written to ''~/.xsession'' - fixed in github repo, soon in x2go repo
    * It would be nice to have a boot parameter ''xroot=[0xaabbcc|URI1[|URI2|...]]'' for the desktop background image/color, and a boot parameter ''xrootmode=center|fill|scale|tile'' to determine how the image(s) should be positioned (if the parameter has been set, but something is wrong, it should default to the "grey mesh" background) - fixed in github repo, soon in x2go repo
    * It would also be nice to have boot parameters ''xsaverimages=[URI1[|URI2|...]]'', ''xsaveridletime=n'', ''xsaverimgtime=n'', for a local, non-locking slideshow screensaver (if no images are specified/downloaded by the time it activates, it should just blank the screen). That way, one could display a slideshow without having to push the images across the network every time  - fixed in github repo, soon in x2go repo
    * Boot parameters ''blankdpmsfix'' and ''earlyblankdpmsfix'' still leave the screen blank for too long, when used in
netboot mode (especially over slow links). Two ways to solve this are to either use local storage, or to use the initrd with the squashfs merged into it.  A third, new option would be a boot parameter ''initrdblankdpmsfix'', where the un-blanking code of ''earlyblankdpmsfix'' is applied in the initrd already - fixed in github repo, soon in x2go repo

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