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  **Status: Currently in early planning phase.**
  **Date: TBD, see availability chart below - due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we're not going to host the event before July.  One of the late September weekends would be preferred, but of course, it all depends on core member availability. **
- **Location: (most likely) [[http://www.linuxhotel.de|Linuxhotel, Villa Vogelsang, Antonienallee 1, Essen, Germany]] ([[https://goo.gl/maps/jEa519N4BVVSLvax8|Google Maps]])- but
maybe Stuttgart or Treuchtlingen if southern Germany is easier to reach for the majority of those participants that will be physically present.**
+ **Location: most likely a venue in southern Germany (Stuttgart, Ulm, or Treuchtlingen), making [[http://www.linuxhotel.de|Linuxhotel, Villa Vogelsang, Antonienallee 1, Essen, Germany]] ([[https://goo.gl/maps/jEa519N4BVVSLvax8|Google Maps]]) unlikely for this year. Carpooling for several hours in times of Covid-19 is a bad idea, plus it doesn't really make sense to ferry the team from southern Germany to Essen and back, when all participants are native to southern Germany and/or Austria/Switzerland.
  <note important>While X2Go: The Gathering is a pretty small event with usually no more than 15 participants, it has had international visitors in the past, which brings a risk of spreading Covid-19 further. As the Covid-19 pandemic will bug us until spring 2021 at the very least, we kindly ask our international participants to stay at home
and join us virtually instead. If we do meet in person at all (a decision has not been made yet), we will only allow registrations from Germany and possibly Austria/Switzerland, depending on whatever regulations may be in place by then.</note>

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