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  === KDE ===
    * KDE 3: Compatible and no workaround required 
    * KDE 4: Compatible and no workaround required 
    * KDE 5: <del>Incompatible due to plasmashell requiring GLX 1.3</del> We have received several reports that KDE 5 now works with X2Go, even though it takes a long time to initialize the session. If you're interested in running KDE 5 via X2Go and run into issues, please join the X2Go-User Mailing List or, if you are certain you've found a
bug, subscribe to X2Go-Dev and file a bug report.
+ For better performance you should set 
+ ''Backend=XRender'' and
+ ''GraphicsSystem=native'' and
+ ''XRenderSmoothScale=false'' in the ''[Compositing]'' section of the ''kwinrc'' (usually residing in ''.kde/share/config'').
  === UNITY ===
    - Ubuntu 12.04: Compatible, as long as package "unity-2d" is installed. By default with "Ubuntu Desktop", it is.

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