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  ''xorg-server/hw/kdrive'', than change to ''xorg-server/hw/kdrive/x2gokdrive'' and run ''make x2go''. This should build x2gokdrive binary.
  The simplest way to build x2gokdrive if you are using your system source packages. I'll give some examples for Debian, SLE12sp1 and OpenSUSE Leap 42.3
- ==== Debain Stretch ====
+ ==== Debian Stretch ====
    * Install apt-source, and get source for xorg-server ''apt-build source xorg-server''
* Go to the source directory and build it with ''dpkg-buildpackage''
    * Copy x2gokdrive sources to ''xorg-server-1.19.2/hw/kdrive/''
    * Create directory 'x2gokdrive' in  ''xorg-server-1.19.2/debian/build/main/hw/kdrive/''

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