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Old Revision: https://wiki.x2go.org/doku.php/wiki:development:build-howto-mswin:x2goclient?rev=1580923922
New Revision: https://wiki.x2go.org/doku.php/wiki:development:build-howto-mswin:x2goclient
Edit Summary: Remove libz.dll as used by libzip. Same reasoning as for libzip.
User        : ionic

@@ -648,10 +648,8 @@
      * ''libeay32.dll''
      * ''ssleay32.dll''
    - libssh library ([[wiki:development:build-howto-mswin:x2goclient#installing_libssh|see above section for download link]])
      * ''libssh.dll''
-   - zlib library for libzip (available [[http://code.x2go.org/releases/binary-win32/3rd-party/zlib/|here on our site]]) (binaries originally from [[ftp://winkde.org/kde/ports/win32/releases/stable/latest/|the KDE
Windows project]] site)
-     * ''libz.dll''
    - zlib library for libssh (available [[http://code.x2go.org/releases/binary-win32/3rd-party/zlib/|here on our site]]) (binaries originally from [[http://www.zlib.net/ | the zlib project]] site)
      * ''zlib1.dll''
    - If you want to use X2Go Client on older versions of Windows, you should put the "Microsoft Visual C%%++%% Redistributable 2013 Package"'s dll files into your X2Go Client package directory. (Originally downloaded from the [[http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=29|Microsoft download site]]).
      * ''msvcp120.dll''

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