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Edit Summary: Keylon IT is no longer an active sponsor
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    * Heinz-Markus Graesing (privately)
      * root-Server (Build system, ‚Äč[[http://wiki.x2go.org|Wiki hosting]], backup storage)
    * [[http://www-03.ibm.com/systems/power/software/linux/|IBM Linux on Power]] / [[http://osuosl.org/|Oregon State University/Open Source Lab]]
      * various virtual servers running Linux-on-Power in Big- and Little-Endian mode, for building and testing X2Go packages on the POWER platform
-   * [[http://www.kelyon.it|Kelyon IT]]
-     *
Monthly contribution to X2Go upstream maintenance
  ===== Companies, Institutions and Individuals who previously sponsored X2Go Features=====
  In alphabetical order...
@@ -76,8 +74,10 @@
    * [[http://immobilienscout24.de|ImmobilienScout24]]:
      * Multi-Monitor support in X2Go Client
      * GSSAPI and two-factor Google Authenticator support in X2Go Client
      * Make it possible for X2Go upstream project to provide RPMs for Fedora and EPEL, also: facilitate setup of http://jenkins.x2go.org.
+   * [[http://www.kelyon.it|Kelyon IT]]
+     * Monthly contribution to X2Go upstream maintenance
    * [[http://www.lindix.nl|LinDix NL]]
      * General PyHoca-GUI / Python X2Go development
      * X2Go Session Broker support for Python X2Go and PyHoca
    * [[http://netitwork.net/|NETitWork Security Solutions]]

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