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  Current plan is to have a hybrid event:
    * Presentations online on Friday evening
    * "Hackathon"-like in-person meeting on Saturday, continuing into Sunday morning (roughly 4 people), with a live stream
    * ORCA annual meeting on Sunday afternoon (official invitation to follow), with most of the members attending via live stream
+ ===== Sponsoring =====
+ Usually, this section would read "As always, we are open to sponsorships", but Covid-19 changes that as well.

+ As this year's event is a hybrid event with minimal on-site participation, there is no need for event sponsorships.
+ However ...
+ [[https://cfd.direct|{{:events:sponsor-cfd-direct-logo.png?nolink|CFD.direct}}]]
+ [[https://cfd.direct|CFD.direct]], who also sponsor our cloud-based macOS build servers for 2020 -  had already pledged to sponsor this event with 700 EUR (plus VAT), a 200 EUR increase over their usual X2Go event sponsorships in the previous years. Upon hearing about our change of plans, they decided to add another 300 EUR on top, so now we're at 1000 EUR (with no VAT incurring) - which we will now use to tackle the long-lasting clipboard issues in NX. 
+ [[https://klo.es|{{:events:klo.jpg?nolink|KLO Ingeniería Informática}}]]
+ [[https://klo.es|KLO Ingeniería Informática]] had already made a 100 EUR donation a while ago, currently in escrow on the ORCA account, also aimed at fixing said NX clipboard issues, so we currently have a total of 1100 EUR
at our disposal for this.
  === Friday Schedule ===

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