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Edit Summary: [X2Go: The Gathering 2020 - AKA V/RUS, the Virtual/Remote User Symposium] added agenda draft for ORCA meeting
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    * Presentations online on Friday evening
    * "Hackathon"-like in-person meeting on Saturday, continuing into Sunday morning (roughly 4 people), with a live stream
    * ORCA annual meeting on Sunday afternoon (official invitation to follow), with most of the members attending via live stream
+ ===== ORCA e.V. annual meeting DRAFT/ENTWURF =====
+   * This is the
annual meeting ("Jahreshauptversammlung") of ORCA e.V.
+   * ORCA
+     * stands for Open Remote Computing Association
+     * has been founded at X2Go: The Gathering 2017
+     * includes members of several open remote computing projects, like Arctica and FreeRDP, not only X2Go
+   * We are required to have these meetings about once a year.
+   * As X2Go: The Gathering is an event where the majority of ORCA members tends to take part in, it makes sense to hold the required annual meeting as part of the X2Go: The Gathering event.  
+   * The meeting is likely to take place on Sunday.  Current orca e.V. members will be invited to this event by individual e-mail.
+   * The language of this event item is German.
+ This event item has its own sub-agenda:
+   - Eröffnung
+     - Begrüßung
+     - Feststellung der Beschlussfähigkeit
+     - Festlegung des Schriftführers
+   - Bericht der Vorstände
+   - Entlastung des Vorstandes (gesamt; im Verweigerungsfall einzeln)
+   -
Bericht des Kassenwarts
+   - Entlastung des Kassenwarts
+   - Abstimmung über Höhe und Fälligkeit der Mitgliedsgebühren (TODO: Do we need to do this again?)
+   - Anträge
+   - Sonstiges
+   - Ende
  ===== Core Team Members Availability Chart =====
              Sept 2020     Oct 2020

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