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Edit Summary: [IBM Developer UnConference, Zurich, Switzerland (2018-06-21)]  - added slides and video link
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    * Talk/Demo: "X2Go: Free/Libre/OpenSource Remote Desktop and Remote Application Services for Linux - on POWER, as well as Intel and ARM"
      * This Talk/Demo was in English
      * Talk took place 19:40-20:00 CEST, Room for additional Q&A was 20:00-21:00 CEST during the "Social Networking and Reception" phase
      * Stefan was the one (re)presenting X2Go at the event and was around starting
18:00h CEST
+     * The slides are available [[https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_FcMOfq8Q7Cv8ovR4pjas4HabACfBc8G|here]]
+     * A recording of the talk is available [[https://youtu.be/1f38XlAzUyM|here]] - note that the camera failed to capture the slides properly, so downloading the slides is recommended
  ==== TUEBIX 2018, Tuebingen, Germany (2018-06-09) ====
    * talk confirmed: https://www.tuebix.org/2018/programm/stefan-baur-x2go-thin-client-edition-tce-open-source-als-mittler-zwischen-den-welten/
    * booth with 2-3 tables confirmed

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