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    * Oleksandr Shneyder
  ===== Possible locations =====
-   * Essen, Linuxhotel - is available (Checked by Stefan)
-   * Stuttgart, shackspace - request sent, availability confirmed, needs final yay/nay by Shackspace-Plenum on 2018-07-26 (Stefan will attend to present the request in person)
-   * Frankfurt, Saalbau - request sent (via Christoph), waiting for reply (Note: Needs individual hotel rooms, e.g. ibis budget)
-   *
Frankfurt, Youth Hostel - Christoph has been tasked to scout the location and check availability
-   * Ulm, Youth Hostel - Stefan will scout the location and check availability
+   * Stuttgart, shackspace - confirmed as available; currently checking out sleeping arrangements
+   * Ulm, Youth Hostel - last-resort fallback option (has no single/double rooms, only 4-bed bedrooms)
  More Info to come!

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