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Edit Summary: [TUEBIX 2017, Tuebingen, Germany (2017-06-24)] - Biggest Booth Ever
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    * Booth & Talk confirmed
    * Talk title: Thin Clients, Big Irons - X2Go als skalierbare Remote Desktop-Lösung (Thin Clients, Big Irons - X2Go as a scalable Remote Desktop Solution)
    * While we've had that talk //title// before, the //content// will be all new and with more live demos
    * Confirmed booth staffers: Mihai, Uwe, Juri, Stefan#1 (maybe not from the very beginning), Uli (maybe not from the very beginning)
+   * Turns out this
was going to be our **Biggest Booth Ever** - three tables (and a spare chair for 100cm Tux) so we were able to run four different ThinClients in parallel, as well as the Published Applications Demo on our trusty hp Compaq tc1100 convertible
    * [[events:tuebix-2017-planning|Planning Page]]
   {{:events:2017-06-24_13-06-52_305.jpg?600|}} {{:events:2017-06-24_13-07-00_851.jpg?600|}} {{:events:2017-06-24_13-20-06_823.jpg?600|}}
  ==== LITA - Linux Info Tag Augsburg 2017, Augsburg, Germany (2017-04-22) ====
    * https://www.luga.de/Aktionen/LIT-2017/

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