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  ===== Schedule =====
    * Uwe and Mihai try to be at the TUEBIX site around 08:30 CEST
      * it is their responsibility to secure at least one, preferably two tables for us
      * Emergency Exits must not be blocked, not even with lightweight objects like the X-Banner
-   * Stefan#1 will hopefully arrive around 9:30 CEST
+   * Stefan#1 will hopefully arrive around 8:45 CEST
    * Event starts at 09:30 CEST 
    * Stefan's Talk is at 17:00 CEST and
scheduled to last until 18:00 CEST
    * Event ends by approx. 18:30 CEST (open end, last talk slot ends 18:00 CEST)
    * Stefan's train home leaves by ??:?? CEST

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