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Edit Summary: [Installing a boot loader] - Issues with GRUB-legacy and possibly GRUB4DOS as well
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    * Use GRUB-legacy for ext* file systems.
    * Use syslinux when installing on FAT* file systems.  Should work with ext* file systems as well (using extlinux), if you don't want GRUB-legacy. 
    * Use GRUB4DOS when dealing with an NTFS file system (say, you're trying to turn an existing Windows XP installation into a ThinClient).
    * read section [[doc:howto:tce#boot_parameters_for_x2go-tce|Boot Parameters for X2Go-TCE]] 
to find out what changes to make and what to put where it says FURTHER-OPTIONS-GO-HERE
+ <note important>
+ Note that GRUB-legacy (and possibly GRUB4DOS as well) has a limit of 256 characters for /proc/cmdline.
+ Current syslinux implementations double that value to 512 characters.
+ So if you're seeing issues like X2Go-TCE hanging at boot when it comes to downloading config files, or certain parameters being ignored, when you specify a lot of and/or long parameters, you can either go ahead and shorten file names and paths (e.g. use "vml" instead of "x2go-tce-vmlinuz" and "<nowiki>http://host/</nowiki>" instead of "<nowiki>http://host.example.com/</nowiki>", or switch to a different bootloader.
+ </note>
  === Installing GRUB-legacy ===
      * mount /dev/targetpartition to (mountpath)
      * create a folder ''(mountpath)/boot/grub'' 
      * install grub-legacy into it:

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